We are a full-service law firm with support staff members and resources ready to address our clients’ varied needs. Our practice involves the broad aspect of litigation and business transactions. We provide services to a diverse clientele based in different industries and fields.


With our strong belief that the Firm is enabled by professionalism, wisdom, experience and integrity of its members and staff, it is our mission to give our clients the highest quality of legal services using practical, creative, client-centered approach with utmost dedication, candor, respect, good fidelity and competence geared towards the administration of justice.



The Firm has various clients in a number of industries such as in the pharmaceutical, beverage, food, manufacturing, insurance, business process outsourcing, architectural, banking, finance, retail, distribution, real estate, printing, information technology, and advertising industries as follows:

  1. 5Corners Systems, Inc.;
  2. Achieve Without Borders, Inc.
  3. Acteon Group Ltd;
  4. Actuate Builders Inc.;
  5. Acumen Strategic Consulting, Inc.;
  6. Alex Car Restoration;
  7. Allied Botanical Corporation;
  8. Alorica Philippines, Inc.;
  9. AMCO Solutions;
  10. Archax ph7 Inc.;
  11. Asence Inc.;
  12. Bayer Business Services Philippines, Inc.;
  13. Bayer Crop Science Inc.;
  14. Bayer Philippines, Inc.;
  15. Biskwit Co.;
  16. BPI Philam Life Assurance Corporation;
  17. BRC Metro Creative Construction;
  18. BTI Auto Sport, Inc.;
  19. Canon Imaging Systems Inc.;
  20. CAST Inc.;
  21. Ces’t Si Bon Corp.;
  22. CDC Stalwart Properties Inc.;
  23. Chesneyvale Philippines, Inc.;
  24. Chiu-Nichi Agro Resources Phil.;
  25. Citistores Inc.
  26. Computer Support Center Inc.;
  27. Delispice Food Corporation;
  28. E-Motors, Inc.;
  29. Energizer Philippines, Inc.;
  30. Euromed Laboratories Phils,. Inc.
  31. Estrella Ice Plant & Cold Storage Inc.;
  32. Fasttrack ERP Solutions, Inc.;
  33. Fasttrack Solutions, Inc.;
  34. Franlour Development Corporation;
  35. Geenger Communications, Inc.;
  36. Genpact Services LLC (Philippine Branch);
  37. GHT Travel & Tours
  38. Global Manpower Link DB Inc./Sagass Consulting;
  39. GLY Development Corporation;
  40. Great Bear Ice Industries Corporation;
  1. Green Era Bio-Tech Corporation;
  2. Greenhills Garden Square Condominium Corporation, Inc;
  3. Greenstar BPO Services Inc.;
  4. Happy Science Congregation Philippines, Inc.
  5. Headstrong Philippines, Inc.;
  6. H&Co Logistics
  7. Home Shopping Network, Inc.;
  8. IQ EQ (Philippines) Inc.;
  9. Kingsgate Properties Inc.;
  10. Lamonte Sales and Merchandising Specialist, Inc.;
  11. Large Diameter Drilling Limited;
  12. Lee Commercial Equipment, Inc.;
  13. Le Mans Stellar Motor Corp.;
  14. LST Development Corporation;
  15. LTT Smartchart Consulting Inc.;
  16. MAA General Assurance Phils. Inc.
  17. Macimikao Corporation;
  18. Magallanes Village Homeowners Association, Inc.;
  19. Magnum Air (Skyjet) Inc.;
  20. Magnum Leisure Holdings, Inc.;
  21. Majorel Philippines, Inc.;
  22. Marsh Philippines, Inc.
  23. Maya Philippines Inc.;
  24. Mediapool, Inc.;
  25. Menrose Farm
  26. MEO Rental Properties
  27. Mid-Land QC Realty Development Corporation;
  28. Multivac Pte Ltd.
  29. New World Properties & Ventures Inc.
  30. Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme for South & Southeast Asia;
  31. Novartis Healthcare Philippines, Inc.
  32. Nuestra Seniora Del Carmen Realty Corp.;
  33. Nyxsys Philippines, Inc.;
  34. Oceana Philippines International, Inc.;
  35. Offshore Outsource Operations, Inc.;
  36. Octacrom Enterprise Corporation;
  37. Oliver Sycip Chua Corp;
  38. One Magallanes Place Association;
  39. One Net Network Solutions Inc.
  40. Osaka Group Lifestyle Properties, Inc.;
  1. Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital;
  2. Pacific Global One Aviation Company, Inc.
  3. PLDT Inc.
  4. Philippine Badminton Association;
  5. Philippine SGC Corporation;
  6. Pitchworks Inc.;
  7. PMAXGlobal Philippine Branch;
  8. Prime@Technology Specialist Inc.;
  9. Primus @Knowledge Specialist Inc.;
  10. Project Teresa Inc.
  11. Pru-Life Insurance Corporation of UK;
  12. Republic Mines and Investment Co., Inc.;
  13. R.G. Manabat & Co;
  14. RMC Collect Phils., Inc.;
  15. Rois Realty, Inc.;
  16. Roy& Biv Inc.;
  17. Royal Asia Land Inc.;
  18. Rules of Raw Inc.;
  19. Sandbox & Partners;
  20. Sandoz Philippines Corp.;
  21. Sarens Project Philippines, Inc.;
  22. Shacman Motors Incorporation;
  23. Solar Resources, Inc.;
  24. Slapsoil 4X4 Inc.;
  25. SPI Technologies, Inc.;
  26. Synergy Market Research + Strategic Consultancy;
  27. The Philippine American Life & General Insurance Company;
  28. The Rise Development Company Inc.;
  29. The Ritz Towers Condominium Owners Association Inc.;
  30. Tickles Company Inc.;
  31. Top Rack Allied Marketing Services, Inc.;
  32. Tyremart, Inc.;
  33. Urdaneta Village Association Inc.;
  34. Vincopacific Inc.;
  35. Wack Wack Twin Towers Condominium Corporation;
  36. Wiki Malahini, Inc.;
  37. Workbean Philippine Corporation;
  38. Xperience Designer, Inc.
  39. Z2K Resources inc.
  40. Empire State Land & Resources Inc.;
  41. Meralco PowerGen Corporation;
  42. Adec Innovations Healthcare Inc.;
  43. Winning Touch International & Federated Distributors, Inc.