1) Civil litigation – collection of sum of money, damages, specific performance, breach of contract, preliminary attachments, garnishments, replevin, temporary restraining orders/injunctions, probate of wills, change of name/correction of entry;

a) Corporate litigation – intra-corporate dispute, derivative suits;
b) Family Law litigation – annulment of marriage, custody, support, adoption; violation of the law on Violence Against Women and Children under R.A. 9262 (VAWC);
c) Real Estate litigation – quieting of title, foreclosure, action to compel surrender of title, action for issuance of writ of possession, action reinvicatoria, land registration, reconstitution, unlawful detainer or forcible entry including cases before the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Bureau (HLURB);
d) Labor litigation – illegal dismissal, money claims, filing of position papers and other pleadings before the Labor Arbiter;
e) Tax litigation – protests and disputed assessments;
f) Intellectual Property litigation – trademark/patent infringement and damages including implementation of search warrants, cancellation of trademark/patent;
g) Litigation before other quasi-judicial agencies;
h) Product liability practice – handling of consumer complaints with regard to products; procurement of various permits from the Department of Trade and Industry and Bureau of Foods and Drugs.

2) Criminal litigation – preliminary investigations before the public prosecutors’ office, the Department of Justice, and trial at the Metropolitan/Municipal/Regional Trial Court levels for crimes against properties (i.e. estafa, bouncing checks, robbery/theft) and persons (i.e. libel, oral defamation, reckless imprudence, physical injury, homicide, rape).

3) Corporate practice – corporate housekeeping (issuance of board resolutions, secretary’s certificates, updating of stock and transfer book, keeping of minutes and the like), incorporation, increase of authorized capital stock, dissolution, conduct of due diligence, application of bulk sales law, amendment of articles of incorporation including business law practice - business name registration, mayor’s/business permit, SSS, Pag-Ibig, Home Development Mutual Fund application, barangay clearance and mergers and acquisitions.

4) Information Technology –conciliation and advice on IT related issues including review and drafting of contracts, service descriptions and the like;

5) Appellate practice – appeals before higher courts and quasi-judicial agencies such as the Court of Appeals, Supreme Court, National Labor Relations Commission, Court of Tax Appeals, Office of the President, and other tribunals;

6) Real Estate practice- sale of real property transactions (drafting of deed of sale, payment of relevant taxes before the Bureau of Internal Revenue, securing of Certificate Authorizing Registration, securing of new title), annotations of liens, adversarial claim, notice of lis pendens, mortgages;

7) Labor law practice- review and application of labor standards, termination of employment for just (i.e. misconduct, negligence) and authorized causes (i.e. redundancy) , collective bargaining, certification election;

8) Estate planning and practice – consultations and advice on effective tax schemes and modules, estate settlement such as extrajudicial settlement;

9) Immigration –application, extension and renewal of Tourist Visa [9a], Treaty Trader/Investor [9D], Prearranged Employee/Missionary [9G], Student Visa [9F], Conversion to a Quotas Immigrant [13], Amendment of Probationary Non-Quota Immigrant Visa to Temporary/Permanent Resident Visa [13A], Conversion to a Returning Resident [13E], Conversion to a Returning Former Filipino Citizen [13G], Change of Status to Married to a Filipino, Recognition as Filipino Citizen, Retention or Reacquisition of Filipino Citizenship [RA 9225], Dual Citizenship, Special Work Permit, Cancellation of Alien Registry by Reason of Marriage and Granting of Philippine Citizenship, Special Retirees Residents Visa, Special Investors Residents Visa, Alien Employment Permit;

10) Tax and customs practice- advocacy, consultation, and representation on tax and customs assessments and post entry audits;

11) Intellectual Property practice – trademark/patent applications, trademark/patent search, International Patents, Copyright Applications, response to Official Action Papers

12) Insurance practice – handling of Insurance related insurance including representation with the Insurance Commission


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